WTTA (pronounced ‘Wuttah’) is all about creating organisations that experiment, learn and improve.

We believe that transforming an organisation is a journey of continuous experimentation. Try something out, see what happens, use what you learn to decide what to do next, repeat.

Just like a science experiment you’d run at school.

WTTA helps people to run experiments when transforming their organisations, then allows them to share their learnings for the benefit of all.

How It Works

WTTA mixes online and offline activity to help people run learning experiments in their organisation. Each experiment is run using the following learning loop process.

Our Vision

As transformation leaders crossing industry and national boundaries we want to establish:

• A community of innovative thinkers relentlessly pursuing transformation excellence

• A psychologically secure environment for leaders to share their successes and challenges as transformational change takes hold in various contexts

• A space to test and fail fast on transformation experiments implemented by others in the community

• An environment that supports pan industry thought leadership in the transformation space

About The Team

Gez Smith has been working full time in lean and agile since 2004, for the likes of 10 Downing Street, HMRC, the BBC Trust, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC. As a consultant and trainer, he has trained thousands of people across the USA, Europe, The Middle and Far East. Outside of the day job, he’s published books on digital engagement, agile marketing and lean-agile HR, and speaks regularly at conferences and meetups around the world.